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  • Added on: Feb 14 2012 05:06 PM
  • Date Updated: Feb 14 2012 05:10 PM
  • Views: 5014



3.2.x Disable Fast Reply

Description: A quick skin edit to remove the fast reply box from topic view and add an extra 'post reply' button into the page.
A few people have expressed an interest in removing the fast reply from topic view. Here is a simple skin edit to do that. :)

Its in two parts as part 1 involves removing the fast reply window and part 2 adds the 'post reply' button to the end of the page, otherwise you'd have to scroll to the top to add a reply.

ACP > Look / Feel > Skin Manager > (choose skin) > Templates / CSS > Topic View > TopicViewTemplate

Part One, remove the fast reply box:

<if test="fastReply:|:$displayData['fast_reply'] && $displayData['reply_button']['url']">
<div class="ipsBox" id="fast_reply_wrapper">
	<div class="ipsBox_container ipsPad">
		<h1 class="ipsType_subtitle">{$this->lang->words['topic_add_reply']}</h1>
		<if test="isLockedFR:|:$topic['state'] == 'closed'"><span class="error">{$this->lang->words['locked_reply_fr']}</span>
		<if test="isMember:|:$this->memberData['member_id']">
			<a href="%7Bparse%20url=" showuser="{$this-">memberData['member_id']}" seotitle="{$this->memberData['members_seo_name']}" template="showuser" base="public"}" title='{$this->lang->words['your_profile']}' class='ipsUserPhotoLink left'><img src="%7B$this-%3EmemberData[" pp_small_photo']}'="" alt="{parse expression=" sprintf($this-="">lang->words['users_photo'],$this->memberData['members_display_name'])"}" class='ipsUserPhoto ipsUserPhoto_medium' /></a>
			<div class="left">{IPSMember::buildNoPhoto(0, 'small' )}</div>
		<div class="ipsBox_withphoto clearfix">
			<form action="{parse url=" "="" base="public" }"="" method="post" id="ips_fastReplyForm">
				<input name="app" value="forums" type="hidden">
				<input name="module" value="post" type="hidden">
				<input name="section" value="post" type="hidden">
				<input name="do" value="reply_post_do" type="hidden">
				<input name="f" value="{$forum['id']}" type="hidden">
				<input name="t" value="{$topic['tid']}" type="hidden">
				<input name="st" value="{$this->request['st']}" type="hidden">
				<input name="auth_key" value="{$this->member->form_hash}" type="hidden">
				<input name="fast_reply_used" value="1" type="hidden">
				<input name="enableemo" value="yes" type="hidden">
				<input name="enablesig" value="yes" type="hidden">
				<if test="$this->memberData['auto_track']">
					<input name="enabletrack" value="1" type="hidden">
				<if test="is_array($topic['_fastReplyStatusMessage']) AND count($topic['_fastReplyStatusMessage']) AND strlen($topic['_fastReplyStatusMessage'][0])">
					<div class="message">{parse expression="implode( '
', $topic['_fastReplyStatusMessage'] )"}</div>
				{parse editor="Post" options="array( 'type' => 'full', 'minimize' => 1, 'isTypingCallBack' => 'ipb.topic.isTypingCallBack', 'height' => 180, 'autoSaveKey' => 'reply-' . $topic[tid] )"}
				<fieldset class="right" id="fast_reply_controls">
					<input name="submit" class="input_submit" value="{$this->lang->words[" qr_post']}'="" tabindex="0" accesskey="s" id="submit_post" type="submit">&nbsp;&nbsp;<input name="preview" class="input_submit alt" value="{$this->lang->words[" qr_more_opts']}'="" tabindex="0" id="full_compose" type="submit">			
		<div id="ips_HasReplies"></div>

	<if test="loadJsManually:|:$displayData['load_editor_js']">
		{parse template="editorLoadJs" group="editors" params="$displayData['smilies']"}

Comment it out by adding a <!-- to the start and a --> to the end (do not remove the code)

Part two, add 'post reply' to the end of the page.

Immediately after the code you have removed, you'll see this line:
<!-- Close topic -->

Add the following code just above that 'close topic' line but after the code you commented out:

	<ul class="topic_buttons">
		<if test="closedButton:|:$displayData['reply_button']['image'] == 'locked'">
			<li class="important">
				<if test="pollOnly:|:isset($displayData['poll_data']['poll']['poll_only']) && $displayData['poll_data']['poll']['poll_only']">
					<if test="closedButtonLink:|:$displayData['reply_button']['url']">
						<a href="%7B$displayData[" reply_button']['url']}'="" accesskey="r">{parse replacement="lock_icon"} {$this->lang->words['top_poll_only_reply']}</a>
						<span>{parse replacement="lock_icon"} {$this->lang->words['top_poll_only']}</span>
					<if test="closedButtonLink:|:$displayData['reply_button']['url']">
						<a href="%7B$displayData[" reply_button']['url']}'="" accesskey="r">{parse replacement="lock_icon"} {$this->lang->words['top_locked_reply']}</a>
						<span>{parse replacement="lock_icon"} {$this->lang->words['top_locked']}</span>
			<if test="replyButton:|:$displayData['reply_button']['image']">
				<if test="replyButtonLink:|:$displayData['reply_button']['url']">
					<li><a href="%7B$displayData[" reply_button']['url']}'="" title="{$this->lang->words[" topic_add_reply']}'="" accesskey="r">{$this->lang->words['topic_add_reply']}</a></li>
					<li class="disabled"><span>{$this->lang->words['top_cannot_reply']}</span></li>

Save. :)

Quick pic:

Posted Image
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